Sick! You're collaborating with us! πŸ‘½ Thanks again for your interest bb πŸ’‹
Read the detailz below! πŸ‘

The steps are Eazy:

1. Browse this collection and add the product(s) you would like to promote to your cart, with the correct color and size! Stay in ur budget ofc πŸ’΅

2. Add the free shipping product to your cart (for free shipping duh)

3. At the checkout, fill in the πŸ’² code we gave you and finish up your order!Β 

4. We will keep in touch with you to get dat promo in πŸ‘ If the first collab works out well, we will do more! ⚑️

Some xtra tips to make it breEzy:

  • Make sure to always refer to the sizing chart of the product. ALL products have DIFFERENT measurements! Also, SIZE UP if you're unsure!
  • Keep in touch with us on da regular. If the communication sucks, ya getting banned from the influencers list! 🚫 Let us know when you've received the product(s) and when ya gonna post it!

  • Show off the product(s) in your posts CLEARLY. You're promoting our product, so the photo gotta be about our product. If our team is not satisfied with the post, we will request you to do another better post. Save some time and do it well from da start βœ…
  • Tag @alienmood_ in the photo and clearly in da caption! Don't forget to add theΒ discount code for your followers πŸ‘…
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