Photographer Application 👽

Our international clothing company is searching for a passionate individual to be a photographer as a full time remote work paid position.

The role would consist of shooting products in the studio and outdoors for our store catalog and organizing photoshoots with models to create lifestyle content for our social media. The role would also include post shoot editing and coming up with your own creative ideas for image content creation that our finance team will approve the budget for.

We would like to find someone who is passionate about alternative fashion and our style of photography. Must be a self-managed person who can come up with their own ideas for shoots and manage their work-flow with minimum guidance.

The role will include styling the models yourself so you MUST understand and have a passion for alternative fashion, meaning you are always up to date to the latest trends and you keep and eye on all the alternative brands, stores, lifestyle pages etc out there.

Note that we sell a lot of different alternative styles, so only understanding one style (for example goth) will not be enough.

The role also requires responsibility in being able to be organized, time efficient and effective in managing models and photoshoots to get finished edits done in a timely manner.

Note that we’re looking specifically for someone who can take on this position full time.

We need someone amazing who can match our alternative style exactly the right way.


Role Responsibilities:

  • Product Catalog Shoots (Studio/Outdoors + Model(s))
  • Find and Organize Model(s) from local area (preferably models found on Instagram)
  • Receiving Items & Styling Models (Putting outfits together)
  • Producing Creative Content & Concepts (Creating photoshoot ideas and submitting estimated budget for approval)
  • Post-Shoot Photo Editing (For catalog and social media usage)
  • Direct & Shoot Photoshoot (Poses and angles for models)

Additional Role Information:

  1. We’re looking specifically for someone who can take on this position full time(approximately 30 hours/week).
  2. The job can be done from your home, anywhere in the world.
  3. We provide bonuses based on performance.
  4. Time schedules can be flexible and we can come to an agreement in our work contract.
  5. Starting salary is $3,200 USD per month - paid monthly or biweekly as needed - rate negotiable based on experience.
  6. Our company covers all expenses required for the photoshoots. Personal assistants can be hired in your location for support.

So if you’re a great photographer and your style matches what we need please feel free to fill in the contact box with your answers and any additional information you'd like to provide for a chance to apply and receive more details on the opportunity.

- Please give it your best in answering these questions - This is where we'll read through the applications and give you a response or not.

  1. Country of residence:

  2. Is English your first language?

  3. Time availability per week:

  4. Work experience:

  5. Why do you think you would be good at this job?

  6. What kind of photography are you most passionate about and why:

  7. Interests/hobbies:

  8. Do you have Instagram? If so, what is your username?

  9. Create a Google Photos Album with your best photos that match our style and send us the link.

  10. From 1 to 10, with 10 being an industry expert - rate your alternative clothing styling skills (your ability to style and put together alternative fashion outfits for a model) and explain why:

  11. Sun Sign, moon sign, rising sign: